How can I prevent wear and tear on my tires?

  1. Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure
    Properly inflated tires reduce premature wear and tear as well as the possibility of losing control of your vehicle. It is recommended that you check the tire pressure monthly. The recommended pressure can be found in the user manual for your vehicle. You should also follow the pressure figure listed on the tire sidewall.

  2. Have your tires balanced
    Balancing helps prevent vibrations and premature wear and tear of tires. We recommend verifying your wheels by having them routinely balanced each time you change one or more tires, or on an annual basis.

  3. Have your wheels aligned
    Your vehicle’s wheel alignment has a considerable impact on your road handling, safety, and tire wear and tear. Come see us if you would like to verify how well your wheels are aligned.

  4. Check tire valves
    Your tire valves deteriorate over time and should be replaced whenever your tires are changed, in order to ensure your safety. Try to get into the habit of verifying your valves’ condition every time the tire pressure is checked.

  5. Store tires properly
    Tires should be stored away from the sun and extreme temperatures, in a cool, dry place, such as a garage or basement. They can be stacked up flat, but no more than four at a time, and far enough away from items that might destroy the rubber. A number of Méga Pneu retailers offer you tire storage for a minimal fee.  Come find out more!

Automobile Maintenance

If you want your car to continue performing well and safely for as long as possible, it is essential to properly maintain it. Here are some tips to help you preserve the value of your investment.

Check frequently:

  • Ensure that all liquids (coolant, brakes, oil, windshield washer) are at  sufficient levels
  • Ensure that turn signals function properly
  • Check windshield and windows to be certain that your view is unobstructed
  • Verify bulbs and working order of beams and back lights
  • Make sure that windshield wipers operate as they should and that they are in good condition.

Check monthly:

  • Verify tire pressure, which may vary depending on temperature (see "Tires" section for other tips).

Check at a specific mileage:

4,800 km to 12,000 km

  • Motor oil should be changed at the 4,800 – 12,000 km interval, depending on your vehicle and the manufacturer’s standards. It is recommended that you change the oil filter at every oil change.
  • It is important to have the brake system checked by a specialist on an annual basis, so as to maintain it and thereby prolong its life.
  • The motor air filter and the cabin filter must be checked during each oil change.
  • Check and replace spark plugs as needed, or according to manufacturer’s schedule.
  • Ask a specialist to carry out a visual inspection of parts, including hidden parts of your vehicle, to ensure their compliance.

Any questions? Your MÉGAPNEU dealer can give you the best advice about how to properly maintain your car.